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(You must be interviewed by a leader before being accepted into the guild)

Here in Vincere, we try to make sure every member feels welcome and comfortable.

Here we are not numbers, we're friends. We find it greater to have fewer members who are active than hundreds of members who are not.

It is also your responsibility to participate here. You cannot expect attention if you aren't meeting us halfway. If you require help, you will receive it. Everyone is looking to make friends here so don't be afraid to speak to someone.

Our leaders try hard to work on games and events to keep things active and fun for every member.

Saturday nights beginning at 5pm EST we'll be having bi-weekly events, based on the month.

The first and last friday of the month will hold a guild meetings which are at 5:00pm EST.  At this time the leaders will give important information out to the guild. After there will be room for members to give their opinions, questions and statements. Each member has the right to contribute ideas toward the guild. All members, if online, must attend.

Your thoughts matter to me and each member is important. We're here to have fun and make friends. If that's what you're looking for then, please sign right up!

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