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7 Simple Rules

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17 Simple Rules Empty 7 Simple Rules on Sat Aug 09, 2014 12:35 am


Here are the rules of the guild. Each one is very important and it would be greatly appreciated if each one was respected.


1. Respect your fellow guild members. Simple. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

2. Check the site weekly if not daily.

3. It is recommended that you join the skype group if you have an account. You can give a leader your skype name and have them add you in.

4. Please avoid arguments in guild chat. If you have an issue with someone please take it up with them privately. You can also speak with a guild leader and they will resolve the issue by speaking with all participants.(It is highly advised that this rule not be broken. We're not here to fight or measure egos. Take it elsewhere.)

5. Any member who has been offline for 3 weeks or more may be removed, unless they give a leader a reason for their absence ahead of time. If you cannot get on Mabinogi to inform us. There is skype and also this site here.

6. A limit of 1 alt may join the guild. Any alts that are inactive for 3+ weeks can be kicked without warning.

7. Though it may not be necessary to be online everyday, it is required that each member participate in some way. Whether it be guild game nights, guild meetings, events or guild chat. If you are not communicating with anyone then there is no point in being with us. However these members will have been contacted by a leader first. If these members continue to be inactive toward other members they can be removed without warning.

These rules aren't hard to follow guys. I want everyone here to be comfortable and active. But I also will not tolerate bullies, violent behavior, or unspoken inactivity.

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